What is the best thing to use to mop for hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are becoming a popular trend in interior design. However, no matter how carefully preserved, long-term used hardwood floors seem to easily dull and lose its shine. The following tips of “What is the best thing to use to mop for hardwood floors?” will give you the most effective and inexpensive way to help you save time in cleaning your hardwood floor to welcome the spring.

How to mop for hardwood floors

The natural wooden floor has beautiful patterns, warmth, true feeling, high durability, and relatively pleasant scent. However, compared to the laminated floor, the hardwood floor has less scratch resistance, easily affected by external environmental factors such as temperature, air humidity. Today, we will give you some tips to mop your hardwood floor in the right way.

1. Make your hardwood floor shiny with vinegar

A very easy and basic way for housewives is to mix about ½ cup of white vinegar with 3.7 liters of warm water to create a floor cleaning solution that works very well. The acidity in the vinegar will remove the stains that appear on the floor. The process of cleaning wooden floors with vinegar goes as follows:

Step 1: First, clean the dust on the hardwood floor surface. You can use a soft cotton towel to remove the dust or a vacuum cleaner to do this job.

Step 2: You should try to wipe a little of your vinegar-water solution on the corner to make sure the hardwood floor is suitable for this type of floor cleaning liquid. In other words, this step helps you know that cleaning the house with this vinegar solution does not affect the color of the floor.

Step 3: Then use a large sponge soaked in the solution of vinegar and warm water and well squeeze to clean wipe it on the stain. This method can be applied weekly to remove dust on the floor, to ensure the floor is clean and increase the longevity of the floor. You can use a clean towel to wipe but remember to wring it out dry before wiping it, avoiding the floor to contact too much with water.

Step 4. After cleaning, you should wipe again with a dry towel to make sure your wooden floor is not soaked.

2. Polish the wooden floor with fresh tea

If you want the hardwood floor to be as shiny as new, you can use a cotton towel to absorb a special wax used to polish the wood floor or use pine oil to rub the surface of your floor. You wait for the hardwood floor to dry and polish with a clean towel. The final step is that you need soft clout to mop several times with fresh tea.

3. Handle cracks or small stains on hardwood floors

If your hardwood floor has small cracks, you can fill the cracks with beeswax then rub a thin layer of polish. Or you can also fill the crack by taking loose watery glue mixed with fine sawdust. You should remember to mix them thoroughly and evenly. After that, heat the solution then cool it about 30%. Finally, plaster it on the floor surface evenly.

How to protect and maintain the hardwood floors

– Should not place hot objects such as irons, pots, and pans directly on the floor. Your hardwood floor will easily warp when getting high temperatures.

– Clean natural wooden floor daily, using a soft cloth, to wipe away dirt, grit on the floor. You are able to place carpets at all entrances to prevent dirt from coming in your floor.

– You have to note that the natural wood floor should not contact directly with water, you should not wipe the floor with a wet cloth. You should use a soft, dry-squeezed towel to wipe the dust away from the surface of hardwood floors.

– Do not use soap on the floor as it leaves some residue on the floor. Detergents for wooden floors with a neutral pH can be used to clean wooden floors. Please wipe dry immediately after cleaning the stain.

– Some habits in life affect the natural wood floor and other items in your family, we need to pay more attention. Do not let rain splash into the house, remember to close the door before leaving the house.

– When using hardwood flooring, you must know that direct sunlight can discolor the floor. So door curtains should be used to protect the color of the floor.

– For household items such as tables and chairs, wardrobes, etc. to avoid scratching the floor surface by cutting sponge or felt pieces to stick on feet of tables, chairs, cupboards, etc.

– Do not drag heavy objects on the wooden floor, lift them up and move them to another place to prevent scratches on the floor.

Wrapping up

Hardwood floors are not difficult to mop and preserve, right?. By using the shares of “What is the best thing to use to mop for hardwood floors?” as above, surely your hardwood floor will always be as new. Thank you for reading.